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Bluefrog Painting, Inc
Residential and Commercial Services

We Specialize in Victorian / Edwardian Homes & More

20+ Years of Experience in the Bay Area

With many years of experience, we are a trusted full-service painting company. We take pride in our long-standing tradition, always prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers. By "doing right" by our clients, we have built enduring relationships, leading to our continued success. 


Whether it's reviving the charm of your home's interior or rejuvenating the beauty of its exterior, we have the expertise to handle it all.  Additionally, our team is well-versed in the art of transforming kitchen cabinetry, bringing new life to this essential space. Trust us to be your experts in interior, exterior, and kitchen cabinetry painting.


Whether it's a large-scale scaffolding project or a bespoke interior, we have the flexibility and expertise to handle diverse requirements. Our painting capabilities cater to the needs of both businesses and homeowners, ensuring exceptional results every time.


From start to finish, we're here to assist you and fulfill all your painting needs. (415) 734-6541

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